Green Optical Laser Cable repair


Green Optical Laser Cable repair

Damaged green optical laser cable for repair after laser damage. This picture shows a green optical laser cable from Miyachi laser Japan. One side of the connector has laser burnt marks due to off focus laser beam and the other side require re-termination and clean up. The laser cable is sent to our factory to be checked, cleaned, terminated and polished. It is common for connectors to be damaged after prolong usage  and it is important that regular maintenance procedure to be in place to protect your laser fiber from damage. However, due to wear and tear, it is common for optical laser cable to be damaged after more than 1 year of usage. If the usage level is high, some of the laser fiber may need to be serviced every 9-15 months.

Customers can send in their cables for evaluation on whether it is suitable for repair. Sometimes, we receive green fiber cable for repair that is broken in the middle. We have to consult customers on their minimum working length before commencing repair. Please see our green optical laser fiber repair page for more details on how to send in your cable for repair. The lead time for repair depends on the complexity of the damage and quantity requirement.

Miyachi Green Optical Laser Cable for repair are commonly used in YAG laser welding machines. We can also supply new green optical laser cable for your welding laser requirements. Many sizes available for different welding spot size. Common sizes include 200 micron, 400 micron, 600 micron, 800 micron and 1000 micron. Please contact us for full repair details and price for new optical laser cable.

Green optical laser cable repair

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