Engineering Solutions


Customer’s satisfaction is our utmost important fundamental policy and we always take up new challenges to develop innovative products, providing engineering solutions to our customers.

It is our most valued motto that we keep our customers happy with our good quality of work. Every piece of Ultra Precision Diamond Tool is guaranteed by subjecting it to thorough inspection under our highly demanding quality assurance officer during all stages of production. By doing so, we have been able to achieve tools that have a razor sharp cutting edge and a diamond that is perfectly set for strength, stability and durability. Based on outstanding materials, the diamond tools yield consistently high quality and outstanding performance.

In consistence with the government policy to stem the flow of conflict diamond, Gold Technic is licensed and registered under the Kimberley Process Certificate scheme to import rough diamonds to be used in diamond tools production.

Our high quality products have helped us build strong relationships with our clients worldwide. Customer’s satisfaction is our utmost important fundamental policy and we always take up new challenges to develop innovative products. We recognise that every customer have different needs so it is important that our facility can produce customised tools for every individuals’ requirement.  Our products are widely used in Asia and parts of Europe.


Engineering Solutions – Quality control

In the field of ultra precision diamond tool (UPDC), to ensure that we deliver quality accurate and consistent tools, we have in place a 1000X inspection microscope to check that all edges are chip free and the profile is correct. Tools are also supplied with an inspection certificate for quality assurance.


  • Chip free at 1000x Ultra precision inspection
  • Natural or mono diamond
  • Wire cut or machined shank
  • Vacuum brazed under controlled environment for stability



We continuously invest in the Quality Check facilities to ensure that our products conform to the highest standards. To strive toward an ISO standards requirements, we put our diamond tools thru rigorous checks to assure customers that we live up to our mission and quality policy.

Our factory facility is equipped with measuring microscope and quality control unit ensures that every piece of diamond is strongly brazed and individual tools are dynamically balanced for operation on CNC machines. Together with a stable spindle and trained operator, our customers can produce beautiful pieces for the precision engineering and jewellery industry.


Engineering Solutions – Raw Materials

The hardest material known to man. We can supply diamonds in all types of sizes and qualities. We are also able to manufacture tools to your own specification.

Monocrystalline Diamond
Monocrystalline diamond is the hardest of all materials and is mostly used for the finest work. Extremely accurate cuts with a radius smaller than 1 µm enable surface finish accuracy lower than 0.02μm.