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Diamond turning tool

Precision Diamond Turning Tool

Manufacturer of High Quality Single Point Diamond Tools (SPDT) for Ultra Precision Machining and Diamond turning

Gold Technic Pte Ltd  manufactures the finest Single Point Diamond Cutting Tools to suit all your needs. Established in 1986, we are the only company in Singapore to manufacture and export single crystal diamond tools worldwide. Each individual piece of diamond tool is hand crafted and tested to ensure quality and consistency in our products.

We supply precision diamond cutting tools from existing stock and also produce to custom dimensions. All tools are made in Singapore at our own manufacturing facility. To facilitate the continued improvement of our products, production equipment and machinery are constantly upgraded. Common materials that our customers work on: Brass; Copper; Aluminium, Gold; Graphite; Engineering Plastics; Acrylic.  Our diamond tools are offered in the following categories: General Accuracy, Non Controlled Waviness (High accuracy), Controlled Waviness (Ultra High Accuracy)

Customer’s satisfaction is our most important policy and every tool is manufactured with this in mind. By careful consideration of all customer feedback, we are constantly improving by taking up new challenges in the process of developing innovative products. We thank our customers for their continued support, and look forward to establishing new relationships with customers both at home and abroad.