High precision single crystal diamond tool


Diamond Grooving Tool

Single crystal diamond (SCD) grooving tools gives a shiny finish, External or internal grooving applications possible. We can customise all types of SCD tools with short delivery lead time.

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Diamond Parting Tool |Cut off Tool

Our new insert style parting off tool is well received by our customers. Leaves no burrs on end products. Solid shank parting tools also available. Discover our customised tool system and making your grooving and parting-off operations significantly more economical and reliable.

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Fly Cutting Tool

Made from single crystal diamond (SCD), we can offer a selection of fly-cutting to match all of your requirements. Characteristics of these tools are a cylindrical clearance and a larger radius. The point of contact between the tool and the workpiece remain static, hence a larger radius can be used to give benefits in surface texture.

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