Diamond Acrylic Cutting Tools

acrylic diamond edge polisher, diamond acrylic cutting tools

Diamond Acrylic Cutting Tools are often used in the process of Acrylic edge polishing. Gold Technic can design and supply custom acrylic cutting tools and jigs for customers from the precision engineering and advertising/signboard industries. With our custom tools and fixtures, you will be able to produce acrylic products with high shine, high gloss transparency and good surface flatness. Below are some typical applications of our diamond cutting tools when working with Acrylics and engineering plastics.

Common Acrylic Cutting Processes 

Acrylic Edge Polishing – Diamond tools are custom made to fit machines from various manufacturers. As long as you can provide a sample or technical drawing, we will be able to make a replacement diamond acrylic cutter for you. For machines with removable mounting heads, it is best to send the entire fixture and tools together(mounted). We will re-calibrate the entire fixture with our custom made diamond tools based on existing settings.

Large Area Fly Cutting – Certain precision engineering processes require one-pass large area fly cutting of the acrylic work piece. This is to ensure consistency of surface finish by cutting the entire work piece in just one pass – There will not be any overlaps of tool path which will affect surface quality.

Acrylic Drilling (Transparent glossy finish ) – If you require drilling of your acrylic work piece with transparent glossy finishing, normal HSS drills or even carbide tipped drills will not work. You will end up with a matte through hole or sometimes even have cracks develop.  Gold Technic can design and manufacture custom acrylic drills for any dimensions. The resulting finishing by using our diamond acrylic drills is high gloss transparency throughout the entire hole

Acrylic Edge Chamfering – After edge polishing, you may require a chamfer to be added. We are able to custom make acrylic edge chamfering tools in all dimensions. e.g 1mm x 45° , 0.5mm x 40° etc

Why order Acrylic Polishing Tools from Gold Technic?

We have good experience working with customers from different industries who process Acrylics/ engineering plastics. All of our tools are custom made to required dimensions and if there are any finishing issues, we will work with the customer and provide modification works until the problems are solved. If no technical drawings/samples are available, we can also design a tool from ground up, based on customers’ requirements. All our precision diamond tools are designed and manufactured in-house to ensure quality and quick deliveries.

If you have any questions or require more information on our Diamond Acrylic Cutting Tools, please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.