Laser Nd: YAG Rods Repair


Laser Nd: YAG Rods Repair

Laser Nd: YAG Rods Repair Service

Gold Technic Laser provides a comprehensive laser Nd: YAG rods refurbishing service. Both un-mounted and mounted laser YAG rod assemblies can be refurbished, subject to rod integrity and serviceability of the original rod assembly or the availability of suitable hardware. Preventive maintenance is recommended for Nd: YAG Rods – Over time, the AR (Anti reflective) coating on the ends of the Laser Rod will be worn down. Sending the laser rods for repair during preventive maintenance ensures your laser machine functions efficiently.

Typical damage include water damage on AR coating, and accidental chipping on the edges of the rod.

Laser rods: Nd:YAG, CTH:YAG, Er:YAG, Yb:YAG, alexandrite, ruby, etc. Reconditioning optical components is another facet of our repair capabilities. We can offer recoating and resize services for YAG laser rod at our facility.

Each year, we resurface hundreds of laser rods and laser rod assemblies to like-new condition. Reconditioning laser rods and assemblies can represent savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars over the new purchase price.

Repair prices depend on the following factors:

  1. YAG rod size and shaping
  2. Degree of damage
  3. Optical coating required

We will assess the rod once it is received at our facility and give our customers a quote before proceeding. It is important that the rod is kept in a dry box for maximum protection during transportation and before installation. It is also crucial not to touch the A/R coating on both ends.

The laser Nd: YAG rod is a very fragile item. Please handle it with care and always hold it with optical cleaning tissue and not with your bare hands. Do not touch the end surfaces (where the AR coating is) as that will certainly cause contamination and subsequently damage/lower the efficiency of your laser rod. When sending your laser Nd: Yag Rod for repair, wrap the laser rod with multiple layers of optical cleaning tissue and place it in a well padded box. Do not use any form of adhesive tape directly on the YAG rod as the adhesive will contaminate the surface.

Do contact us for more information on how we can repair your Nd: YAG rods.