Laser Alexandrite Rod

Alexandrite Laser Rod

Gold Technic can supply a range of Alexandrite rods for all Alexandrite laser machines. Customised sizes upon request.

Alexandrite is the leader of a class of tunable solid-state laser materials. Enhanced by several years of research and development, it features a broad wavelength tuning range of 710 – 800 nm with the capability to store and efficiently extract multi-joule pulses of energy.

It is one of the most robust solid-state laser materials available with a thermal shock resistance five times that of Nd:YAG.

Alexandrite lasers emit at a wavelength of 755 nm, that is well within the absorption spectrum of our skin’a melanin compound, and this makes the laser perfectly suitable for removing hair. Modern Alexandrite lasers also allow the removal of most tattoo inks with a low risk of scarring. Alexandrite lasers are most effective for removing green and black inks. The absorption by melanin in the skin results also in hypopigmentation, enabling the use of these lasers for treatment of pigmented lesion, brown pigment spots, lentigines and age spots.

Alexandrite’s unique combination of properties offer application in such areas as dermatology, lithotripsy, spectroscopy, atmospheric lidar, testing of fiber optics and photodetectors, materials processing, pumping of dye lasers, non-linear optics studies and annealing of semiconductors.

Laser Alexandrite rod Applications

In many cases, roughly 100mm to 130mm long cylindrical laser rods with a diameter of e.g. 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) are used and lamp-pumped with one or two xenon flash lamps. Due to the particularly high mechanical and thermo-mechanical strength of the material and its benign thermo-optical properties, very high pump powers can be applied to the flash lamps (often with average powers of several kilowatts

General Features of Alexandrite rods
– Low losses and superior lasing efficiency
– Certified Cr concentration uniformity
– Low wavefront distortion
– Multiple specifications on sizes
– Guaranteed traceability through laser marking
– Long term stability
– AR broad band coating @755 ± 50 nm