Diamond Dressers

Gold Technic’s product range includes the Single point Dressers and the Profile Dressers that are normally used for large & wide grinding wheels, blade shaped dressers and Hand Dressers.

Diamonds for single point dressers are selected in accordance with quality and size. The stone size should be carefully selected so that it is suitable for the abrasive wheel and also withstand the heat given off by the abrasive wheel.

The tool can be used by first attaching the base to the grinder support. The support is normally inclined at an angle of 10º to 15º to the dressing surface. The diamond processes the wheel by working on the cutting edges. Once one edge is smoothed, the wheel is turned to find other edges. The tool maintains a minimum surface area that is in contact with the grinding wheel.

Some of our Business Area and market distribution include the aerospace industry, ball bearing industry, automotive, tool & dies etc.


Single Point Dresser

Single Point Diamond Tools sets the industry standard for straight and simple form dressing applications. Gold Technic’s Single point dressers are manufactured at our facility in Singapore.

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Forming Dressers

Form Tools is lapped to specific angles and radii required for a particular application, machine, contour dressing system, or CNC operation. Due to the high degree of accuracy necessary, the diamond is of special shape and quality. We use vacuum braze technology to secure the diamond onto the holders and this surpasses all traditional brazing methods.

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