Jewellery Diamond Tools

Our jewellery diamond tools division has been serving the jewellery industry for the past 20 years. We have gradually ventured into the field of producing High precision single crystal diamond tool to serve the precision engineering industry.

Single crystal diamond tools eliminate the need to polish or de-burr finished products as the tool can achieve a mirror finish once machining is complete. The end result is most favoured in the jewellery engraving industry as it add shine and lustre to the finished products. In cases where polishing is not possible due to material factor, the diamond tool is the ideal tool to use to achieve a mirror finish. We can also manufacture tools for CNC jewellery chain production.

Diamond tools are also employed in the precision engineering industry on CNC machines for cutting of non ferrous metal parts, laser optics and acrylic parts. The end product is a mirror like surface finish on the machined surface.

Posalux tools, Posalux type machine tools

Posalux Diamond Tools

Posalux type diamond tools are used in semi-automatic or automatic CNC engraving machines to create brilliant designs on rings, bangles, pendants and a variety of ornaments. Comes in different profiles and sizes depending on the design requirement.

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M9 Tool / Eccentric Tool

M9 / Eccentric tools are used in CNC machines to create mooncut or round motifs on ornaments. The M9 tool can also be modified to cut shiny lines or bands on rings and bangles. Can be applied on flat or curved surfaces. Standard or Made to order sizes available for order. Compatible for all brands of engraving machines.

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Flywheel cutter

Fly Wheel Cutter

The flywheel tools are our latest addition to the Jewellery tools department. Our new technology in manufacturing fly wheel enables customer to use the tool freely without obstruction by the tool shank. Economical and easy to use, flywheel cutters are available in different sizes and profiles.

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Disc Tool / Matched Disc tool set

The disc tool is used in CNC ball chain machine to create disco cut on individual ball. Compatible for all brands of engraving machines worldwide. Standard or Made to order sizes available for order.

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Lathe Tool

Ice Lathe/ Lathe Tool

The lathe tool is used for ice lathe machine. Leaves a very shiny flawless surface after cutting. Various sizes available for different chain size.

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Customised holder with Mini Posalux

Every diamond tool can be customised to your requirements. So do let us know your requirement for cutting and we will do the design for you. We can modify the diamond profile, shank size, diamond size to produce new design every season.

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