Posalux Diamond Tools

Posalux tools, Posalux type machine tools

Posalux Tools For Use In Jewellery Design

Posalux type diamond tools are possibly the most widely used type of tools in the Jewelry Manufacturing Industry. The term “Posalux” is named after a Swiss Company which invented and popularized this shape/size of the tool shank. As a standard, the length of a “Posalux Tool” is 27mm and should have a 6mm through-hole for securing the diamond tool to the holder.  There are a wide range of tool profiles that can be created on the tool i.e Angled, Convex, Concave, 5-Facet, 7-Facet, Line. Diamond size ranges from 0.4mm all the way up to 10mm width.

Types Of Diamond Used In Posalux Jewelry Diamond Tool

Single Crystal Diamond : Natural or Synthetic

Application Of Posalux Tools:

  • The most common type of tool used in the jewelry industry to produce different cuts and engravings on Gold/Silver jewellery.
  • Can be used in manually operated engraving machines, CNC  bangle/ring making machines, chain faceting machines. Different tool profiles are used to cut different designs on the jewellery.


  • Available in many profiles and diamond tool shank sizes.
  • Diamond width range from 0.4mm to 10mm(Custom Ordered Diamond).
  • Special sizes above or below the range can be ordered depending on requirement of the customer.
  • Custom tool profiles which are not shown in the catalogue can be manufactured seperately.

Most Common Tool Profiles

  • 3mm x 90°
  • 3mm x 100°
  • 3mm x 110°
  • 3mm x 120°
  • 3mm x 130°
  • 3mm x 140°
  • 3mm x 150°
  • 3mm x 160°
  • 22.5° Left / Right
  • 67.5° Left / Right
  • Convex
  • Concave
  • Line

Proper Posalux Tool Handling/Care Instructions

As with all other single point diamond tools, handle posalux tools with care. Do not touch the diamond tip with your bare hands and do not attempt to clean the diamond tip with anything hard. We recommend using optical lens tissue for cleaning only if absolutely necessary. When not in use, keep the posalux diamond tools covered using the rubber caps supplied. Always send your posalux diamond tools for us to carry out preventive maintenance (re-sharpening). Do not continue to use the tool if obvious lines are showing on the cut surface – The lines are caused by chipping of the diamond edge and this means the diamond edge is blunt/dull. Prolonged usage of a blunt/dull diamond tool will increase chances of  diamond breakage.


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