Furnace Belt


Corrugated stainless steel furnace belt

These furnaces are particularly suited for:
• Chain welding
• Metal finding welding
• Sheet and tube welding.
• Enamelling.


High performance stainless steel belts designed for applications at 850-1100°C

Increased performance due to good mechanical properties, partly due to their austenitic structure and certain alloying elements.

Resistant to high-temperature corrosion

Good mechanical strength at elevated temperatures

Consistent corrugated surface to ensure even distribution of heat around the article.

Available in various size and configurations

Durable, lifespan 20% longer than ordinary belts.

Fully recyclable and environmental friendly.


Benefits of using our belts

New cost effective design

High grade homogeneous stainless steel for even distribution of heat.

Easy to connect and disconnect when changing belts. One step secure connection.

Increase usable surface area for chain production.


ModelFT10200F10450F6400Any Size
Dimensions :
Length (mm)10200104506400
Width (mm)709678