Laser Optical Fibers

Routing laser

Gold Technic can supply new Laser Optical Fibers of any length and core size for various laser welding applications. The Laser optical fiber core is manufactured in Japan and with final assembly in Singapore.

Laser power transmission fibers are commonly used in laser welding machine. In the field of jewelry chain welding, Laservall and Sisma machines. In the field of electronics and engineering,  Miyachi, Mitsubishi, Japan’s NEC, Han, United win, Riverstone, Metropolis, Everbright Laser etc.


Some commonly used sizes are listed below

Laser Fibre SizeLengthConnector TypeStandard Colour
300 micron3m/ 5m/ OthersD80 compatibleGreen
400 micron3m/ 5m/ OthersD80 compatible
600 micron3m/ 5m/ OthersD80 compatible
800 micron3m/ 5m/ OthersD80 compatible
Other sizesPlease EnquirePlease Enquire