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Laser Optical Fiber Repairs : When do your carry your laser optical fiber repairs? During preventive maintenance or only when the optical fiber is damaged?

Damaged fibers greatly affect the output of your laser so it is important that users inspect their fibers frequently. Frequent inspection can also prevent further damage and more extensive/expensive repairs. We recommend carrying out preventive maintenance on all your optical fibers, so as to ensure your laser machine is functioning at at its peak power output capacity at all times.


Our Specialized Laser Optical Fiber Repairs facility is self managed in Singapore so we can ensure high standards and also quick turn-around of your optical fibers in a few days.

We specialize in repairing SI(Step Index) type fibers. SI type fiber uses pure silica core. Pure silica core fibers features high light transfer efficiency and are used in high energy transfers applications such as welding, marking, cutting and engraving.

We can repair fiber sizes from 200um, 300um, 400um, 600um, 800um and 1000um.

Cleaning and inspection of cables

One of the most important procedures for the maintenance of laser fibers is to clean and inspect the fibers. Any contamination in the fiber connectors can cause failure of the component or failure of the whole laser system. Oil and dust particles can cause problems for the laser fibers. In our facility, we inspect fibers carefully under 500x magnification, and perform systematic cleaning procedures to ensure that the fiber ends are free of contamination.

Length modifications

Customers may have different length requirement for their fibers when there are changes to their production line. At our facility, we can split or shorten original fibers to suit production processes.

Sheath colour modifications

Fiber sheath contains your raw fibers and are connected to end connectors to hold your raw fibers in place. Besides colour differences, they provide maximum protection to your raw fibers and differentiate your fibers according to their core size and length differences. After prolonged usage, fiber sheath may become dirty or damaged. To maintain your fibers, we recommend that users periodically check and change their fibers sheaths if necessary.

Fiber termination and Connector repair

During production, connectors can burn out or damaged and cause the laser system to fail. At our facility, we will terminate the fibers and attach new connectors to give your fibers a new life. Fibers are terminated, end face are polished and attached to new connectors and ready to use. Just like the new fibers, the newly terminated fibers will undergo quality checks on the 500X custom built fiberscope to ensure that their specifications are the equivalent to new fibers.

Construction of new laser optical fibers

We can construct new fibers according to length, fiber core and fiber connector requirements. Our factory customization program allows you specify the exact length, fiber type and connectors for your production floor. Our experienced team will work with you to recommend and customize your fiber requirements to assure you have the optimal solution that matches your production needs. More details can be found at our new laser optical fibers page

Optical Fiber Care

Always ensure that the ends of the fiber optic cable are free from contact with any surface. The ends of the fiber optic cable are the most fragile part of the whole cable. To keep your fiber free from dust and contamination, the operator must always:

  • Keep the protective cover on at all times when the fiber is not in use.
  • Do not touch or try to remove any dust particles with bare fingers. Always use a blower or canned air to prevent debris from collecting on the connectors.


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