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Laser Alexandrite rod repair

Gold Technic Laser provides  service for Laser Alexandrite rod repair of all sizes.

 There are many reasons for Alexandrite rod breakdown in your laser machine. The rod may be broken due to mishandling or excessive water pressure build up or a leak in the laser chamber. Dust particles that has entered the chamber, the optics, or the rod itself can cause the  laser head rod to burn entirely over time.

Laser Alexandrite rod can be repaired at a fraction of the price for a new replacement. Our company can regenerate Alexandrite rod surfaces, including application of new AR coating on both ends and recust rods to specific lengths.  The performance of a refurbished rod is comparable with that of  a new rod. We have many satisfied customers world wide.

Alexandrite rods are commonly used in machines such as Ta2 Eraser™ (Light Age, California, USA), Apogee® (Cynosure, Massachusetts, USA) and Accolade™ (Cynosure, MA, USA), Individual machines may be specially designed to focus on specific skin problems. More information on Laser Alexandrite rods can be found on our news updates webpage.

Details of repair

Repair prices of Alexandrite rods will usually depend on  the following factors:

  1. Degree of damage on the rod ends
  2. Size of the rod and if there is any special surface that require regeneration
  3. Type of optical coating required.