Diamond Dies

Diamond dies for precious metal wire drawing


Single crystal dies / diamond

Natural Diamond (ND) wire drawing dies are typically used for drawing precious metal and non ferrous material wires. It is especially unique as it can produce very thin and superior finish wires.

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Tungsten carbide (TC) dies / Extrusion Dies

Tungsten carbide dies are the most cost efficient for drawing large steel wire and other large-size wire applications. Usually, users of TC dies are more concerned with cost savings than wire surface quality. Special dies for extrusion, deep drawing and push pointing are also designed for maximum efficiency.

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pcd dies

PCD dies

Polycrystalline (PCD) diamond is a synthetic material, produced by sintering diamond powder in the presence of a metal catalyst, under extreme pressure and heat, to fuse the diamond particles together. It is a very hard and wear resistant material.

We choose the best die blanks to produce quality Polycrystalline (PCD) diamond dies All our inserts are from Sumidia, Sumitomo Electric.

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