Laser Nd: YAG rods

Nd: YAG Rods

Neodymium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Nd: YAG rods are the most commonly used solid state laser medium in many laser systems today.

The choice of using the lasing medium is clear, Nd:YAG rods offer:

  1. Low Lasing Threshold
  2. In high power laser machines, the dissipation of heat is efficient
  3. In comparison to other materials, Nd:YAG rods provide high conversion efficiency of power and good absorbtion (Optical)

Our Nd:YAG Rods are coated with AR (Anti reflection) coating to ensure higher energy output and efficiency.

Common sizes of our ND:YAG Rods are as follows:

  • Diameter Ø3mm x Length 65mm
  • Diameter Ø4mm x Length 65mm
  • Diameter Ø6.35mm x Length 85mm
  • Diameter Ø8mm x Length 85mm
  • Diameter Ø10mm x Length 85mm
  • Diameter Ø12mm x Length 100mm

To optimise the beam quality and maximise the output power of a laser, the correct laser medium and dopant level needs to be selected. On enquiry, do inform us the laser machine which you will be using the ND:YAG rod in, and we will be able to advise which laser rod is suitable for you.  We provide solid state laser users with the largest comprehensive range of OEM  Laser Nd: YAG rods and assemblies available.

Gold Technic Laser also provides a comprehensive laser Nd: YAG rod refurbishing service. Both un-mounted and mounted laser rod assemblies can be refurbished, subject to rod integrity and serviceability of the original rod assembly or the availability of suitable hardware. Common repairs which we perform are as follows:

  • End of Laser Nd: YAG Rod is chipped – Provide grinding of chipped end (Laser Rod will be shortened)
  • Side of Laser Nd: YAG Rod (length) is chipped – Provide grinding of diameter (Laser Rod will become slimmer)
  • End surfaces of Nd: YAG Rod is worn – Re-grind end and re-coat with AR (Anti reflection) coating (Laser Rod will be shortened, new AR Coating applied)

Visit out our Laser Nd: YAG Rod repair page for more information.