About Us

With more than 20 years of experience, Gold Technic manufactures the finest diamond tools to suit all your needs. Established in 1986, we are the only company in Singapore to manufacture and export single crystal diamond tools worldwide. Each individual piece of diamond tool is hand crafted and tested to ensure quality and consistency in our products.

We continuously strive to upgrade the company’s facilities and machineries with the latest cutting edge technology to keep the company competitive.

Besides excelling in the field of manufacturing diamond tools, we also manufacture laser products,  provide support and service for Laser machines and provide consultancy services in setting up new production lines for jewellery chains and jewellery casting.

Vision, Mission Values

  • Vision
    • International Exporter and Manufacturer of Single Crystal Diamond tools for Precision Engineering and Jewellery engraving
  • Mission
    • To manufacture quality Single Crystal diamond tools for Precision engineering industry and Jewellery Industry.
    • Provide polishing and maintenance service for used diamond tools for customers with short turn around lead time.
  • Values
    • We strive towards achieving ISO 9100:2000 standard requirements and continuously improving our production system to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
    • Constant upgrade of equipment to keep up with the latest technology.
    • Adoption of JIT (Just-in-time) manufacturing process ensures timely delivery of tools after receipt of order.