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Single crystal diamond


A pilot hole is a smaller hole drilled into a material prior to a larger hole being drilled, widening the hole to the desired width. Drilling a pilot hole prevents a larger drill bit from slipping on the material – a potential safety hazard, as well as an increased likelihood of the work being damaged.

Our high precision Centre Point milling tools are long lasting and resistant to wear. They leave a very clean cut on the finished surface. The operator also saves time as there is no need for frequent change of tool, hence reducing down time of the machine.

It is recommended to be used only on CNC machines where no manual intervention is required

An air spindle running at least 20000 rpm is required to be used with the pilot hole drill to reduce vibrations. This can provide stability for the tool, thereby extending its lifespan. At the same time, the optimum result will also show on the machined piece as a highly polished mirror surface.