Graded Index fiber repair

graded-index-fiber-sglhd300eGraded index fiber is a type of fiber where the refractive index of the core is maximum at the center core and then it decreases towards core-cladding interface. As compared to the step index fiber, Step index fiber is a fiber in which the core is of a uniform refractive index and there is a sharp decrease in the index of refraction at the cladding. As compared to the SI fiber GI fibers can transmit a large amount of information and the distortion is comparatively small than step index fiber. However, these fibers possess low light coupling efficiency and are more costly to produce than SI Fibers.

Graded Index Fiber repair

Pricing of replacement Graded index fiber assemblies range and can be in the thousands. Because of the high cost for replacement assemblies, many companies are looking to repair their Graded index fibers. Fiber assemblies can be repair by replacing connectors and polishing. inspecting surface using high power microscopes.

Free Evaluation
Send us your damaged fiber and we will evaluate them for free and let you know the costs. We typically charge a fraction of the cost of new fiber assembly with a guarantee that the fiber cable works as new when returned.