Miyachi Unitek Amada Miyachi Fiber Supply

Miyachi Unitek Amada Miyachi Fiber Supply. Compatible for all types of machines. OEM manufacturer of laser fiber for laser power delivery. Fiber length can be customised according to end user requirements. Depending on the final material welding location and machine location, the length of the fiber can be adjusted according to your needs. The length of the fiber should not affect the resultant output of the laser welder. Compatible fiber for Miyachi Unitek Amada Miyachi Fiber laser welders are premium in quality. Optical fibers should have a adequate bending radius when planning to set up your machine. Fibers may be damaged  when they are bent beyond their minimum bend radius, subjected to twisting or exposed to the shock of a strong impact. Please refer to our article on the minimum bend radius for more information and precautions to take when handling the Miyachi Unitek Amada Miyachi Fiber. 

Dirt or dust on the end surfaces of an optical fiber can damage the fiber. The damaged surfaces of the fibers can also cause contamination to adjacent lenses. To prevent contamination, do not remove the protective cap from the ends of the optical fiber until you are ready to set up the machine. 

Miyachi Unitek Fiber laser Models

LW5A(E), LW5AM(E), LW15A(E) , LW25A(E), LW5AE, LW5AME, LW15AE, LW25AE

Amada Miyachi Fiber laser Models

ML-2051A(-CE), ML-2052A(-CE) , ML-2050A(-CE), ML-2150A(-CE), ML-2051A(-CE), ML-2052A(-CE), ML-2050A(-CE), ML-2150A(-CE)