Laser flash lamp

Laser Flash Lamps

Laser Flash Lamps

Laser Flash Lamp or Gas discharge laser lamps are routinely used as optical pump sources for solid state lasers. The two main categories of laser pump lamps are DC arc lamps for continuous pumping, and laser flash lamps for pulsed pumping. Both offer high brightness, high power capability, long operating life, and low cost per hour of operation.

Gold Technic stock laser flash lamps from Europe. Laser lamps such as flash lamps and arc lamps are used to optically pump solid-state lasers. Through pumping, the population inversion necessary for a stimulated emission is generated. In general, we differentiate between xenon flash lamps for pulsed applications and krypton arc lamps for continuous applications.

Typical laser applications include precision welding, cutting and drilling, spot welding and mould repair. Non-laser applications include hair removal, skin treatment, IPL, tattoo removal, sun simulation and semiconductor processing. With tha gaining popularity in Skin Treatment and IPL laser treatments, we have has rapidly grown to become a high volume supplier for laser flash lamps.

Key features of Gold Technic’s laser flash lamp:

  • Lamp to lamp consistency. Batch production and QC inspection
  • High standards of manufacturing
  • Long lifetime
  • Consistent lead times
  • Dedicated customer service and support