Laser fiber repair| Mitsubishi ST600F fiber

Melted Sheathing of laser fiber assembly

Damaged Mitsubishi ST600F Laser Fiber

Do you have stock of broken or damaged laser fibers (E.g Mitsubishi ST600F) in your factory and do not know what to do with them? It is too expensive to clear out your store, knowing that you have spent thousands of dollars on your fibers.

We have the perfect solution for you.  Our laser fiber repair service can save you from spending on new fibers again. Whether it is a broken connector head, melted sheathing, loose connector, or missing connector, we can fulfill all requirements. These fibers can be refurbished and used again.  Send us a picture of your damaged fiber and we will be able to make a rough assessment via email.

All D80 type fiber connectors, Laser fiber cores (common sizes below) and sheathing are available on ex-stock basis. Turn around time for repairs as short as 2 work days. All laser fibers received by Gold Technic Laser will be subjected to a pre-inspection process to determine if repair is possible. If repair is not possible, we will advise the customer and offer a possible replacement. If repair is possible and approved by customer, the faulty laser fiber will go through a thorough 8 steps process as highlighted below:

  1. Inpection and determining of damage
  2. Repair of laser fiber damage / Replacement of damaged components
  3. Visual Inspection of repaired laser fiber assembly ( Fiber ends at 500x microscope, Laser fiber assembly components : Connectors, sheathing)
  4. Testing of fiber with our measuring equipment to determine if there is any loss
  5. Actual firing of laser through fiber assembly
  6. Comparison of test results in steps 4 & 5 against spec sheet to determine conformity
  7. Final visual inspection under 500x microscope
  8. Proper packaging of laser fibers for return to customer

Most common forms of laser fiber damage are listed as follows:

-Operator : Accidentally tripped on laser fiber cable, causing connector head to break

-Over-bending : Optical Fiber cable is bent and causes internal breakage – This leads to the external sheathing to melt as the section of internal fiber optic cable has already broken internally

-Improper Handling : Touching of fiber ends with bare hands in an attempt to “clean” the fiber – This might cause fiber breakage and contamination of fiber ends

Common Brands of Laser Fibers repaired:

Mitsubishi St600F ; Miyachi ; OEM

Common Core Sizes (Large Core laser fibers):

200um; 300um; 400um; 600um; 800um; 1000um

Visit our laser fiber repair page for more information regarding our value added services