Laser Welding Machine

Spot Welder Red

200W Jewelry Spot  Laser Welding Machine



Technical Specifications of GTS-200W
Laser sourcePulsed Nd: YAG
Output PathSingle Path (Standard)
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Max Power Output200W
Peak Power7KW
Single Pulse energy120J
Pulse Frequency1-30Hz
Pulse Duration0.2-20ms
Welding spot diameter0.2mm-2.0mm
Vision System10X stereo microscope with automatic shielding
Power SupplyAC220V 50/60Hz Single Phase
Working table750*1000mm
Programmable Parameter setting100 storage setting
CoolingInternal Compact cooling system
LanguageEnglish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
DimensionsL:890mm W:480mm H:1140mm
Net WeightApprox 140kg


There are many different applications the laser welding machine can  perform. Some examples are:

  •     Resizing rings, re-tipping prongs, repairing bezel settings
  •     Reassembly of broken necklaces, bracelts and earrings
  •     Repairing costume jewelry, eyeglass frames and watch straps
  •     Filling porosity and creating made-to-order designs

Laser weld samples