Diamond Pins



The UK StarDuster 800M™ is primarily used to create a soft paved shiny look on jewelry pieces. Each
pen is precision constructed out of top grade stainless steel that is rust free and comfortable to use over
extended period of time. Usage of the UK StarDuster 800M™ is not limited to the jewelry industry. It can
also be used as a simple engraving tool for hobbyist, watchmakers and anyone who needs an excellent
engraving pen for their application.

Advantages of UK StarDuster 800M™

• Designed to produce minimal vibration for extended periods of usage.
• Adjustable speeds and interchangeable diamond pins to let users create the ideal design
• Fully hardened diamond pins and sleeve for long working life.


Recommended for working with Gold, Silver, Copper and Platinum.

Some examples of application are listed below:

Excellent outlook

For delicate surfaces, use springs provided in the UK StarDuster 800M™ set
to lighten the pressure of each punch, leaving a smooth velvet surface on
rings and accessories.


Smooth texture

To achieve different texture, there are 5 types of diamond pins to choose from.
Each type specially set to cater to your needs.
1. Model “J” – For large surfaces
2. Model “NJ” – For small / delicate surfaces
3. Model “BJ” – Fitted with bigger diamond tip for long life
4. Model “BNJ”- Fitted with bigger diamond tip for long life
5. Model “S” – For a coarse finished texture


Optimal Shine

Dust on small balls to give “frosted” shiny appearance. Use our Model “S” pins
to enhance shiny effect.



Complete set includes:

ukstart-complete-set1 x UK Star Duster 800M pen
1 x Quick Coupling
Diamond pin
1 x Model “J”
1 x Model “NJ”
1 x Nozzle Key
1 x Blue Air tu

Operating manual for UK StarDuster 800M™

Please read and understand before operation.

Quality Assurance

Each UK StarDuster 800M™ pen and the diamond pins are put through stringent quality test to ensure
that they meet the quality requirements. The UK StarDuster 800M™ set is guaranteed to conform to the
operation requirements.


When unpacking, please check for the following items:
1. Visually inspect if there is any damage to the UK StarDuster 800M™ and its parts caused by
2. Check for any looseness or for any disconnection of parts.
Note: Should you notice any trouble or damages with the UK StarDuster 800M™ or its accessories, please feel free to contact


I. Installation of a Quick Coupling between the air compressor and the UK StarDuster
The airline must be fitted with pressure regulator and water filter (not included in the set) for longer
service and to avoid jamming/damage to equipment.
Water in the air line will cause damage to the UK StarDuster 800M™. Water must be fully eliminated for
the air supply to avoid corrosion inside the UK StarDuster 800M™. Drain the air tank and line daily or as
often as necessary, depending on weather and temperature conditions.


Re-examine prescribed installations once more before operating the UK StarDuster 800M™. Please
operate equipment in accordance with the following procedures to obtain the specific performance of the
UK StarDuster 800M™.
1. Connect parts as shown in the assembly section.
2. Turn on the air compressor to 25PSI to test the equipment.
3. Gradually increase the PSI to 30 to obtain best results.
4. For best performance, the UK StarDuster 800M™ is recommended to be used with high quality
air compressor and original Model “J” and Model “NJ” diamond pins.
For first time users, it is recommended that you should make test trials using the UK StarDuster 800M™
so as to familiarize with its operation.

Technical characteristics

Maximum PSI = 30PSI
Minimum PSI = 25PSI
PSI= Pound per square inch

Operating requirement

1. A set of UK StarDuster 800M™
2. Air compressor fitted with pressure regulator and water filter with Speeds of PSI 25 to 30.


UK Star Duster 800M pen1 piece
Quick Coupling1 piece
Diamond pin
Model “J”
Model “NJ”
1 piece
Nozzle Key1 piece
Blue Air tubing (Airline)1 meter
Spring10 pieces

Safety instructions:

1. Before handling and using the UK StarDuster 800M™, thoroughly familiarize yourself with
necessary safety precautions
2. We would recommend users to put on safety goggles when using the UK StarDuster 800M™.
3. Do not touch the tip of the UK StarDuster 800M™ with bare hands when in operation.
4. Do not look or point the diamond pin at yourself or others when in operation.
5. Do not operate UK StarDuster 800M™ over 35PSI.
6. Higher pressure will cause excessive wear on the UK StarDuster 800M™‘s internal parts and
shorten its life.
7. Please disconnect the UK StarDuster 800M™ from the air compressor when not in use.
8. Do not use on extremely hard surfaces.
9. Maintain the equipment in a safe working condition. Service the UK StarDuster 800M™ regularly
to prevent faulty operation and rectify any faults promptly.
10. If the problem cannot be rectified, please contact us immediately.

Please note that failure to conform to the safety instruction might result in serious injuries. Failure to conform to the
recommended range of PSI will result in malfunction of equipment. Higher pressure is not desirable as it may cause damage to
internal parts of the UK star duster 800M.

Finally, we like to thank you for choosing the UK StarDuster 800M™. We hope that you will enjoy using it
as much as we do to serve you as our customer. Please feel free to contact us for further enquires.