New Alexandrite Laser Rod

Laser Alexandrite Rod Laser Alexandrite Rod

Laser Alexandrite Rod

Alexandrite is the leader of a class of tunable solid-state laser materials. Enhanced by several years of research and development, it features a broad wavelength tuning range of 710 – 800 nm with the capability to store and efficiently extract multi-joule pulses of energy. Used in Alexandrite laser machine, the Alexadrite rod is one of the most robust solid-state laser materials available with a thermal shock resistance five times that of Nd:YAG. Alexandrite’s unique combination of properties offer application in such areas as dermatology, lithotripsy, spectroscopy, atmospheric lidar, testing of fiber optics and photodetectors, materials processing, pumping of dye lasers, non-linear optics studies and annealing of semiconductors.

Laser Alexandrite Rod General Features

– Low losses and superior lasing efficiency
– Certified Cr concentration uniformity
– Low wavefront distortion
– Multiple specifications on sizes
– Guaranteed traceability through laser marking
– Long term stability
– AR broad band coating @755 ± 50 nm

We can supply alexandrite laser rod for the following brands:

  1. Deka Medical Laser
  2. AB Laser Inc
  3. Baasel Lasertechnik
  4. Cyosure
  5. Lumenis
  6. Wavelight
  7. Candela
  8. And many more